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Tunnel Ventilation Fan



Boxing Motexo Industries Co., Ltd. make TDF series of press air type counter-rotating axial fan in the summary of the existing domestic rotary fan-fan structure and technical performance based on the development and production of a new generation of widely used new Energy saving local fans. The product has a reasonable structure, complete specifications, high efficiency, energy-saving effect is obvious, low noise, air distance, and other features.


According to different ventilation resistance requirements, you can use the machine can be graded use, thereby reducing ventilation power consumption, energy conservation. Roadway length within 2000m can not move the fan standard air supply, reducing the labor intensity of workers, saving ventilation time, coal mine is the ideal local ventilation equipment.


At the same time, it can also be used for metallurgy, nonferrous metals, gold, chemical, shipbuilding, and ceramic industry and other high-pressure ventilation. Its structure is characterized by mine explosion-proof, on the rotation, muffler, axial flow.

This product can be used flat on the floor of the roadway or the wall of the road.

View more details of this series blower, kindly please contact us to get the latest catalog.

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