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Industrial Blower for Metallurgy Industry 

Metallurgy  Industry

Industrial Centrifugal Fans occupy a very important position in the smelting process of steel and other metal materials.

From ore to steelmaking, the main smelting processes such as ore sintering, ironmaking and steelmaking are required, that is, fans are required in all processes of iron and steel smelting.

It include application of sintering fan, coke oven gas conveying blower, blast furnace blower, iron furnace fan, converter secondary flue gas dust removing fan, etc.


Although there are many types of fans used in the metallurgical industry, they are relatively difficult. They can be divided into three types that can represent the level of fan design and manufacture, namely axial flow compressors, sintering induced draft fans and blast furnace gas residual pressure recovery turbines. Power generation device.

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