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Centrifugal Fans for Petrochemical Industries  

Coking Chemical Industry


The coking chemical industry is an important part of the coal chemical industry.

The main coal processing methods include high temperature coking (950-1050 temperature), medium temperature coking, and low temperature coking. The metallurgical industry typically uses high temperature coking to obtain coke and recycle chemical products. The product coke can be used as fuel for blast furnace smelting, and can also be used for foundry, non-ferrous metal smelting, and water gas production; it can be used to produce generator gas for synthetic ammonia production, and calcium carbide can also be used as raw material for organic synthesis industry. After the chemical products produced during the coking process are recovered, processed to extract tar, ammonia, naphthalene, hydrogen sulfide, crude benzene and other products, and obtained net coke oven gas, coal tar, crude benzene refining and deep processing, benzene can be produced , Toluene, xylene, carbon disulfide, etc. These products are widely used in chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, refractory industry and national defense industry. Net coke oven gas can be used for civilian and industrial fuels. The ammonia in the gas can be used to produce ammonium sulfate, concentrated ammonia, anhydrous ammonia, etc. There are dozens of products in the coking chemical industry. China's coking chemical industry has been able to make more than a hundred chemical products from coke oven gas, tar and crude benzene, which is of great significance to China's national economic development.

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