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tunnel ventilation fan

Mining /Tunnel Ventilation Fan

Special axial flow fan for multi-stage variable speed tunnel construction


In the tunnel excavation construction, the multi-stage variable speed fan can use the progress difference to cooperate with the speed, which saves a lot of energy.


mining axial fan.jpg

Smoke Exhaust Fan

Low noise mute, pure copper motor,saving energy

motexo tunnel ventilation system in metr
Metro/Wind Tunnel Ventilation Fan

Metro/Wind Tunnel Ventilation Fan

  • Tunnel and Expansion Well Ventilation System

  • Metro & Underground Railways

  • Wind Tunnel Laboratory

motexo industries tunnel fan blower.jpg
Tunnel Ventilation Fan

Tunnel Ventilation Fan

  • Tunnel Counter-Rotating Single Speed/Multi-speed Fan

  • Tunnel drilling ventilation

  • Road tunnel ventilation

  • -Underground and rail ventilation

aluminum impeller mining ventilation fan
Mining Axial Fan

Mining Ventilation Fan

  • Large Primary Fans 

  • Auxiliary Mining Fans used in underground mines to supplement primary fan ventilation

  • Booster fans

  • Development end fans

  • District or circuit fans

  • Fan online monitoring

tunnel axial ventilation fan 220kw.jpg
Jet Fan

Tunnel Jet Fan

200degreeC hospital ventilation low nois
Smoke Emergency Fan

Commercial Axial Fan

Run continuously for more than 60 minutes at a high temperature of 300°C for 20 hours/time without damage at a temperature of 100°C

roof ventilator.jpg
Turbine Ventilator

     Natural Wind Air     

Turbine Ventilator

  • Produce air convection and dissipate heat.

  • Reduce air conditioning load and increase indoor fresh air.

  • Pull out the roof moisture, mildew, steam, keep the roof dry.

  • Reduce noise.

motexo Spraystream Mist spray Cannon for
Mist Cannon
  • Construction site/building sites/factory for humidification, cooling, dust reduction

  • Forest protection

  • Sanitation and epidemic spraying and sterilization Disinfection

Motexo industries roots blower.jpg
Roots Blower

3 Lobe Roots Blower

Widely used in sewage treatment, electric power, petroleum, chemical, fertilizer, steel, metallurgy,
oxygen, cement, food, textile, grade, dust and back blowing, aquaculture,
pneumatic conveying and other sectors.

aluminum centrifugal fan roof ventilatio
Roof Ventilator

Roof Ventilation Fan

Roof-mounted axial fan can be made of the iron plate or glass fiber reinforced plastic, and the user can customize it. The noise should be limited within 60 (A)dB.

axial fan wall mounted high temperature
Tube Axial Fan

Suitable for the drying of wood, seafood, agricultural and sideline products and other materials

motexo cabinet fan.jpg
Box Design Fan

Centrifugal Cabinet Fan

The air-conditioning wind cabinet is a new, energy-saving,centrifugal fan,
which is widely used in industrial and hotels, large shopping malls,and buildings with low noise requirements and large air volume changes.

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