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Customized Ducting Ventilation Axial Fan


The axial flow fan is mainly used for ventilation and ventilation in general factories and warehouses. According to the model, the fan has 30 specifications of 280~1120mm. The number of blades for each specification is 4, and the blade angles are 15 degrees, 20 degrees, 25 degrees, 30 degrees, and five types. The parameters range is wide, and the air volume is 800~67000m3. /h, wind pressure 40~470Pa. Fans can be wall-mounted or piped.

Ordinary Type: Suitable for use in non-flammable, explosive, and non-corrosive gases.

Anti-corrosion type: The impeller and the casing are made of FRP, which is suitable for use in environments containing corrosive gases.

Explosion-proof type: the motor is an explosion-proof type, the blade is aluminum alloy, suitable for flammable and explosive gas environment, and the explosion-proof grade is EXdIIBT4.

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