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Axial-flow fan with light alloy die-cast impeller with wing profile blades, directly coupled motor.

Wall-mounted baking special high-temperature axial flow fan is widely used in grain dryer, fruit and vegetable dryer, heat pump dryer for ventilation and exhaust, with high temperature and high humidity resistance, large air volume, stable wind pressure and low noise. Easy maintenance and other features。


Standard Type:

1. Power supply form: 220V/1P; 3P/220V/380V/400V/660V/230V/240V/415V/720V

2.Frequency: 50/60Hz

3. Working mode: continuous cycle operation

4. Cooling method: IC411

5. Protection level: IP54/IP55

6. Insulation class: Class F (120Degree C) / Class H (180Degree C)


Applicable conditions:

1. Ambient temperature is lower than 130 ° C, relative humidity is not more than 98%, suitable for use in weak acid and weak base, steam and non-flammable gas environment, or can be used in vacuum drying equipment according to specific conditions.

Fan Diameter:Φ300~2400mm
Air Flow:2200~30000CMH

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