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Booster Fan


The JAF series tunnel jet fan is a power mechanical ventilation device designed for longitudinal ventilation and ventilation systems of highways and railway tunnels and smoke control in emergencies. At the same time, it can also be used for ventilation and ventilation in tunnels and auxiliary tunnels. It is suitable for working at an altitude of 3500m. The working condition of the jet fan can be operated continuously in the environment of -25 to 50 °C. When a fire occurs in the tunnel, it can be performed for a short time at 250 °C (not more than one h).

Structural characteristics:

JAF series of high-efficiency low-noise tunneling flow fan consists of three sections: intake silencer section (collector, protective net, deflector, rectifier grid, muffler); fan section (chassis, impeller ( Moving blade), stationary blade (guide vane), motor); exhaust silencer (outlet muffler)

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