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Emergency Smoke Extract


Usage: DF series fire-proof high-temperature exhaust fan can be used according to the different requirements of high-grade civil buildings, using variable-speed or multi-speed drive to achieve the purpose of one machine and two uses, that is, high-temperature exhaust when stale exhaust air and fire use. They are widely used in high-end civil buildings, ovens, underground garages, tunnels, and other occasions.

Type: The basic form of the fan is an axial flow fan, which can be directly connected to the air duct and wall. The installation form can be vertical or horizontal, which significantly saves the floor space. At the same time, it is not required to be more significant and required. The effect of air volume is based on the direct connection of the motor to make it reliable.
Type A: Air volume: 3350-93800 m3/h
        Wind pressure: 280-819 Pa
        Power: 0.75KW~22KW

Type B: Air volume: 3410-93800 m3/h
        Wind pressure: 280-819 Pa
        Power: 3/2.5KW~22/11KW

Type C  mixed flow fire high temperature exhaust fan
        Air volume: 4070-116420 m3/h
        Wind pressure: 710-1542 Pa
        Power: 2.2KW~37KW
Type D:
        Air volume: 1560-116420 m3/h
        Wind pressure: 201-1542 Pa
        Power: 5.5/4.5KW~37/18KW

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