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Jet Fan


GSF series jet fans operating in this series of tunnels mainly used for longitudinal jet ventilation of traffic tunnels such as roads and railways. The high-speed jet airflow generated by jet fans used to promote the direction of airflow in the tunnel to achieve ventilation and ventilation. The purpose of rehearsal can be achieved. The medium to be transported is air, the ambient temperature is between -25 °C and 50 °C, the content of dust and other solid impurities in the medium is not more than 150 mg/m3, and there is no viscosity, five fiber materials.

The main features of the fan are corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, no breakage, no oxidation, fast wind and customs, two winds, and low noise.

The reversible jet fan ventilate in both directions. It can ventilate and exceed 98% of forward ventilation when reverse venting to ensure that the tunnel filled with fresh, fresh air. The GSF jet fan produced by our company can use the high-efficiency blades developed by our company or directly install the imported fan blades according to the needs of users. It can also equip with two-speed motors according to user needs, which are used for forced exhaust (smoke) or poor ventilation to maintain energy-saving operation.

When a fire breaks out in a tunnel, it can run continuously for one hour at an ambient temperature of 250 °C and half an hour at a temperature of 280 °C. Customized if the user has unique needs.

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