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Tunnel Jet Fan


The jet fan is mainly used for longitudinal ventilation of roads and railway tunnels and can also be used for other similar occasions, such as auxiliary tunnels and sedimentation tanks.

The specifications of this series of jet fans are 600-1600mm, which divided into one-way running axial fans and reversible (two-speed) running axial fans. The outer shell of the fan formed by a unique machine tool imported from the United States. The inner wall of the impeller section is processed by gold, which not only ensures the coaxiality and strength of the shell, but also ensures the radial clearance of the blades. The surface is hot-dip galvanized.

Excellent quality and corrosion resistance of our jet fan has proved to be entirely applicable for various tunnels and metro subways by the running tests and actual working status from numerous customers' road tunnel site, railway tunnel site, hydroelectric project site.

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