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Jet Fan for Tunnel Ventilation


TFH series tunnel fan specifications are from 630mm to Ф1600mm, divided into one-way running axial fan and reversible (two-way) running axial fan. The maximum thrust is 3500N. High efficiency and low noise can be selected for any load and working condition. 

The TFH tunnel fan adopts advanced technology to obtain good quality assurance. The fan casing takes the unique imported machine tool imported from the United States to form a rotating flange. The inner wall of the impeller section is processed by gold, which not only ensures the coaxiality and strength of the casing, but also ensures the radial clearance of the blade. The surface is hot-dip galvanized, the appearance is beautiful and the anti-corrosion performance is excellent. The fan blades and the hub are processed into a die-casting cavity by the full CNC boring and milling center of Toshiba Corporation of Japan, and the aluminum alloy is high in the high-pressure casting and low-pressure casting machine respectively. (Low) die casting. Through the actual use of road tunnels, railway tunnels, water conservancy dam projects and other users, the performance indicators of the wind turbines, corrosion resistance, reliability, economy, and other technical, quality requirements and economic indicators can fully adapt to the use of various types of tunnels and subways. 

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