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This series of workshop floor-mounted axial fan are widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, wall exhaust, domestic air supply, pipeline ventilation for civil buildings. It is also used in ventilation, air conditioning systems for chemical, light industry, food, medicine, metallurgy, power stations, transportation, and other workplaces and storage.



The GPC series axial flow fan has a smooth, streamlined surface, and it has features of stable operation,
high efficiency, low noise, and low energy consumption. According to the requirements of use,
the series axial fans are divided into four types: pipeline type, fixed type, wall type, and post type.
The diameter of the impeller is divided into 14 machine numbers.
The air volume is up to 72,000 m3/h,  and pressure up to 450Pa.

Ventilators are high-efficiency duct ventilators, designed to increase airflow performances and
lower noise emission. The ventilators have diameters ranging from 300 mm to 1250 mm. The respirators average working temperatures range from -40° C to +120° C, and can reach up to 200/300° C with customized solutions.

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