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Roof Ventilation Fan


Motexo series roof silent fans are characterized by noise reduction and energy saving and adopt the design method of low speed, large wind blade twisting type, and unequal work so that they can achieve the required air volume and pressure under the premise of the flat rate.


The roof ventilation fan has the characteristics of low noise, energy-saving, strong anti-corrosion performance, and light quality. The roof axial fan is widely used in chemical, light industry, video, metallurgy, and other industrial and mining enterprises, as well as entertainment halls, various types of public building ventilation, and air conditioning systems. When the fan is running, the working medium is the industrial atmosphere, and the medium temperature is ≤45 °.


When the medium heat is 25 °, the relative humidity does not exceed 95%. The dust content of the medium (containing solid impurities) does not exceed 100mg / m³.

Air Flow:28000~62000m³/h

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