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High Pressure Centrifugal Fan


MTX-NA series Centrifugal ventilators are generally used for forging high forced ventilation, material conveying and conveying air or non-corrosive, non-self-igniting, non-sticky, and entangled fibers. The temperature of the conveying medium generally does not exceed 80 ° C. The dust and hard contained in the medium The particulate matter is not more than 150 mg/m3. Among them, No16 or above can be used as a special occasion for the decomposition process of steel kiln and steel smelting after switching to heat-resistant high-strength materials.

​Driven Type: Direct driven, belt driven, coupling driven.

Optional Accessories: Inlet silencer or outlet silencer, flexible connecter, air shutter.

You can click here to select an outlet angle that meets your demands.

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