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Induced Draft Fan


MTX-VA series is designed to adapt to the use of a variety of coal quality and equipped with the elimination of sensationalized plant industrial boilers with the highest total pressure efficiency of more than 80% of the new series of low-noise boiler drum, fan, where the intake conditions are comparable, the performance is suitable for those can be selected.

VA series fan can be used with industrial boilers, with the configuration of evaporation 0.5~10t/h of various types of industrial boilers through the wind fan.

Performance & selection:

When the user chooses the boiler pass and the fan, the fan manufacturer shall be informed of the selection according to the pressure and flow required by the conditions of use.

​Driven Type: Direct driven, belt driven, coupling driven.

Optional Accessories: Inlet silencer or outlet silencer, flexible connecter, air shutter.

You can click here to select an outlet angle that meets your demands.

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