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Induced Draft Fan


MTX-XC series Induced Draft Fan

Most of the fans are transmissions of couplings, and a few models are belt transmissions, which are suitable for industrial boilers and kiln with output of 0.5-35 tons. Any condition where the intake conditions are similar and the performance is proper can be used. The series of fans should be used to make the industrial boiler work in variable working conditions, the induced draft fan can work in the high-efficiency area, achieve the purpose of energy-saving, various high temperature and yin wind conditions, high-temperature resistance up to 250 ° C, special requirements can be customized to withstand high temperature 950 °C, corrosion-resistant, acid and alkali resistant. Fans are collected from the factory with a motor, integral bracket, water-cooled transmission group.


Before the induced draft fan, a dust removal device with a dust removal efficiency of not less than 85% must be installed to reduce the dust content of the flue gas entering the fan, reduce the wear and tear of the dust on the fan, and improve the use of the fan.

​Driven Type: Direct driven, belt driven, coupling driven.

Optional Accessories: Inlet silencer or outlet silencer, flexible connecter, air shutter.

You can click here to select an outlet angle that meets your demands.

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