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Application and Maintenance of Fire Smoke Exhaust Fan

The fire-fighting smoke exhaust fan has high efficiency, convenient equipment, occupies a smaller area than centrifugal fans, and has excellent high temperature resistance (can work continuously for more than 100 minutes under high temperature conditions of 300 °C, and will not be damaged under 100 °C temperature conditions for 20 hours);

The fire-fighting smoke exhaust fan has a wide range of applications. According to the different requirements of civil buildings, variable-speed or multi-speed drive methods are selected to achieve two purposes in one machine, that is, the purpose of high-temperature smoke exhaust during general ventilation and fire fighting.

Maintenance and repair methods of fire exhaust fan:

  • Disconnect the main power supply, hang up the sign preventing closing, and check whether the grounding wire of the motor is in good condition.

  • Tighten the screws and couplings of all parts.

  • Check whether the insulation resistance of the motor meets the requirements, and check the main circuit contacts. If the contact is severely ablated (the contact point is worn to 1/3 of the original thickness), the contact should be replaced.

  • Adjust the tightness of the belt, turn the wind wheel by hand, and check whether the roll is stable.

  • Check and replace gaskets and packings between joints. Clean the motor and fan wheel, filter and inside the casing. The paint drop should be repainted.

  • Fill the rolling parts with lubricating oil to ensure the flexibility and stability of the couplings and bearings.

  • Check whether the mechanical opening and closing action of the regulating valve is reliable and active, and the opening and closing angle signs are clear.

  • Manually start the machine to check whether the indicator light, voltage and ammeter work normally, whether there is abnormal sound of each component of the fire exhaust fan, and whether the three-phase current value is balanced.

  • Comprehensively check whether the components in the control box of each remote control point are normal. Start and stop three times in a row to check whether the remote control of each point is correct and reliable.

  • After two hours of trial operation, observe whether the motor bearing temperature and the motor temperature rise are normal. Make sure the fire and smoke exhaust fan is working properly.

Boxing County Motoke Industry Co., Ltd. focuses on the R&D and production of fire and smoke exhaust fans. The R&D team is committed to providing customers with various solutions for centrifugal fans.

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