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Ensure the economic and safe operation of coal mine fans and the correctness of fan selection

Because of the complexity of coal mine ventilation system,it is inevitable that there will be excessive air pressure and air volume.Therefore,saving electric energy and ensuring the economic and safety operation of coal mine ventilators are our fan selection aims.

Based on the performance curve of axial-flow fan in coal mine,the air pressure and air vol-

ume equation of main fan is determined by curve polynomial fitting equation method. By comparing with the measured data of fan performance,it is concluded that polynomial fitting fan characteristic curve can be applied to the calculation of mine air pressure and air volume.

There are two main sources of power for coal mine ventilation, namely fan wind pressure power and natural wind pressure power. Mine ventilation is the rational and effective use of the influencing factors and characteristics of these two powers to make the operation process of mine ventilation. Stable, safe and reliable, economically reasonable. Reasonable selection of the operating conditions of the fan is not only one of the necessary factors to ensure safe production in the mine, but also an important factor for energy-saving production and reducing the economic burden. From the perspective of mechanical ventilation power, Motexo Industries fit the polynomial equation of the fan performance curve through the fan performance curve, and then reasonably select the fan power supply operating frequency and fan blade angle according to actual production needs, so as to effectively and economically match the wind pressure, air volume.

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