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Function and Features of Turbine Ventilator

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

Whirlybird vent,we also called turbine ventilator which is no need for electricity, automatic air exhaust all day, and will reduce fire and other accidents caused by short-circuit or voltage overload.

The turbine ventilation fan runs without noise, and the fan core adopts fully enclosed bearings, and the blade base is formed by one-step forming of stainless steel plates.

The turbine fan runs all day, can effectively reduce the room temperature, and can prevent condensation on the roof of the winter indoors. The centrifugal force will be generated when the fan is running, and the rainwater cannot penetrate.

When the turbine ventilator is running, it can effectively discharge indoor heat, odor or dust-containing gas, and can remove the smell of the bathroom and kitchen, avoiding the smell and suffocation of the upper and lower floors, and preventing the mildew caused by the high temperature moisture loss.

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