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High Design Requirements of Motexo Centrifugal Fan

In the design and calculation of the ventilator, Motexo Industries Engineer team has the following requirements in addition to reach certain flow and full pressure accidents:

1. Large working area

2. Adjust the depth to be deep

3. The average efficiency of the centrifugal fan and its equipment should be high. When centrifugal blower fan and the related equipment are working in the pipe network, its operating point may not necessarily fall on the rated operating condition. Especially the centrifugal fans running in constantly changing working conditions, such as power station fans.

4. Small size and light weight

5.Low noise level

6. The centrifugal fan operates with high reliability.

Some fans operate all year round required to operate reliably. Therefore, the rotating parts must have sufficient strength; the fan's steering should change the critical speed of the rotor; the choice of bearings must be reasonable; the lubrication system must be reliable and so on. For special working condition, centrifugal fans are required that the material is wear-resistant, the structure is explosion-proof, and the surface is resistant to corrosion.

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