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How to select power of frequency inverter

We need to remember the following 3 point when selecting frequency inverter: 1.Usually the power of inverter should be same as motor power at 4 pole.,eg: motor is 11kw, then inverter should be 11kw. 2.Inverter should be down one level at 2 pole;Up one level at 6 pole; Up 2 level at 8 pole. Eg: 6P/5.5kw motor should be equipped with 7.5kw frequency inverter, while 8 pole/5.5kw motor should be equipped with 11kw frequency inverter. 3.How to select in the condition of high temperature, high switching frequency and high altitude: At the above condition,the inverter will be derated so that the inverter needs to be increased by one—7.5kw 4.When large torque load or large overload capacity required, the inverter needs to be increased by one level

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