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Installation and Features of Tunnel Jet Fan

The tunnel jet fan is mainly used for ventilation of underground tunnels or traffic tunnels and fire and smoke evacuation in the event of fire. It is a type of industrial fan with a wide range of applications. It has the characteristics of high pressure and high flow and high efficiency and energy saving. Low noise, easy installation, etc., can play an important role in the tunnel, is a high pressure, low noise, high efficiency axial flow fan.

The tunnel jet fan is generally suspended at the top or both sides of the tunnel. It does not occupy the traffic area. It does not need to build another air duct. The soil construction price is low. The tunnel jet fan is easy to install, simple to operate and maintain, and is a very economical ventilation method. Tunnel jet fans generally have the following precautions when installing: 1. The basic requirements of the fan are horizontal and sturdy, and the foundation height is ≥200mm. 2. The fan and the air duct are connected by a soft connection of the fan (flexible material and not burning), the length should not be less than 200mm, and the pipe diameter is the same as the size of the inlet and outlet of the fan. In order to ensure that the fan soft connection does not appear to be distorted during the operation of the system, the tightness to be installed should be moderate. For the canvas hose installed at the suction end of the fan, it can be installed slightly tighter to prevent the fan from being sucked during operation and reduce the cross-sectional size of the canvas hose. 3. The steel bracket of the tunnel fan must be fixed on the concrete foundation. The rubber damping pad must be added between the steel bracket and the foundation of the fan. All the fans and motor components of the Shanxi tunnel fan are installed on the whole steel bracket. The steel ground frame is installed on the vibration damping pad at the top of the foundation. The damping pad is preferably made of porous rubber plate. 4. The diameter of the outlet of the tunnel fan can only become larger and can not be smaller. Finally, the insect outlet should be installed at the outlet, and the weather hat must be added when the wind is upward.

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