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Installation Process of Turbine Ventilator


The ideal position of the ventilator should be close to the ridge line in the daytime. When positioning, place the waterproof substrate on the roof, and make the upwardly inclined edge end of the substrate embedded in the gap under the metal cover of the ridge by about 50-100mm (the bottom plate is along the hand pliers). Fold 10 ~ 20mm warped edge).

  • Cutting the hole

Taking the inner hole of the waterproof substrate as a template, draw the outline of the hole, and then use the roof cutting machine to complete the cutting of the hole. And trim and sand the edges. Use a sharp blade to cut the insulation cotton in the shape of a square meter. After removing part of the insulation cotton, insert the insulation cotton and aluminum foil between the steel plate and the insulation cotton.

  • Pasting waterproof glue tape, waterproof silicone

Affix the waterproof glue tape at the junction of the waterproof panel and the roof ridge cover. On the top of the complete wave crests on both sides, stick a waterproof glue tape, and put waterproof silicone between the plug and the color steel plate, and tear off the upper layer of paper.

  • Fixed waterproof substrate

Use at least 10 self-tapping screws or pull rivets to fasten the waterproof substrate to the roof.

  • Installing the variable angle neck

Place the variable-angle neck on the base plate, turn the rotatable part of the variable-angle neck with an unpowered ventilator, and adjust the 90-degree angle with a spirit level to make the top of the variable-angle neck level. After the adjustment, use a color pen to mark the upper and lower rotating parts of the variable angle neck and the area between the variable angle neck and the base plate.

  • Fixing variable angle neck

Use metal clips and aluminum rivets to fix the upper and lower rotating parts of the neck of the variable-use tube together, and pay attention to aligning the original scribe marks.

  • Fixing the turbine head on the variable angle neck

Snap the four support arms of the turbine head into the reserved grooves, and then use four aluminum rivets or screws to fix the turbine head on the variable angle neck.

  • Fixing, checking and adjusting

Use at least four blind rivets to fix the fan on the bottom plate, and check whether the screws and rivets are firm. Then check whether the rotation of the turbine head is stable. Sometimes due to the transportation or installation process, the turbine head is slightly deformed by extrusion. Can be adjusted slightly by hand. For the unpowered ventilator, waterproof silicone can be applied around the plug and the base plate.

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