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JTF Tunnel Jet Fan

First, the performance characteristics Overview:

(1) tunnel jet fan is divided into two specifications with muffler and without muffler [import and export plus set (loose) flow]. And according to user needs can be equipped with speed control point machine.

(2) Fan shell, set (scattered) flow device, muffler, support feet using CNC automatic welding plate and mechanism forming, the appearance of hot-dip galvanized or sandblasting spray resistant to 500oC high temperature paint to ensure that the fan strength and corrosion degree. To meet the needs of tunnel ventilation.

(3) JTF Series fans can change the blade number and change the fan blade angle. The length of the two-ended tube muffler is usually double the diameter of the fan. When the noise is high, the diameter of the fan can be twice as large. The muffler and the fan are directly connected with bolts .

(4) The motor is a fully enclosed squirrel cage with direct connection to the hub. The insulation grade is H grade and the protection grade is IP55. The cable can be connected to the connection box on the shell of the fan body by the motor. The motor has grease lip, Conduit connected to the grease body lip on the body of the fan.

(5) The fan can run reliably in -31.1oC ~ + 50oC environment for a long time. When the fire broke out in the tunnel, the fan runs normally for 60min at the ambient temperature of 250oC.

(6) If equipped with two-speed motor, in the case of good ventilation, low-speed, air environment and the use of high-speed fire, to achieve energy-saving purposes.

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