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New Generation 70-meter Special-purpose Disinfectant Spray Fog Cannon

The initial production range of the new 70-meter special-purpose sprayer manufactured by Boxing Motexo Industries Co.,Ltd can only reach 50 meters, and then through the advancement of the entire industrial chain, the range has gradually changed from the original 50 meters to 60 meters and 70 meters. Later, the built-in fan has a power of 37 kilowatts. 80 meters, then the power of the fog cannon fan's power was 55 kilowatts and 80 meters, and the fog cannon car emerged at the historic moment. It was applied in municipal environmental protection. The integration of the generator water tank fog cannon sprayer device opened up a new and larger Market, and later applied to mining tunnels, excavation of sand and stone plants, coal mines, power plants, ports, airports, etc.

Particulate matter is the main pollutant affecting urban air quality, SO2 pollution has also remained at a high level, the old problems are far from being solved, and new environmental pollution problems have followed. The excessive consumption of natural resources has severely damaged the ecological environment (environmental damage has seriously affected the sustainable development of human society). Therefore, it is urgent to strengthen environmental protection awareness and environmental protection work. The rapid increase of motor vehicles and construction projects consume a lot of natural resources, and the discharge of considerable or even large amounts of waste water, waste gas, waste residue, and noise into the natural world is one of the main causes of environmental problems. , Multiple acid rain areas in many area worldwide, haze weather, sand storm weather in many places

The impact of dust pollution on the body cannot be underestimated. The doors and windows of many villagers' homes are closed all day long, and many diseases are caused by respiratory infections. For our health, we must carry out dust management. It is called a dust suppression spray truck. It looks like an ordinary truck, but the dust suppression effect is very amazing. The air volume is large, the range is long, the coverage is wide, and the mist particles are small. It can reduce the concentration of powder dust, improve the working environment and prevent industrial and mining accidents, and play an important role in promoting safe production, protecting the health of employees, and maintaining environmental hygiene. , Conditional homes have installed fresh air systems or air purifiers. However, clothes should be dried and the room ventilated. Sometimes, villagers can only open doors and windows. A thick layer of white dust has accumulated on the ground. Once the car has passed or it is raining, the factory immediately raises thick dust or forms muddy water, and the dust pollution is serious.

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