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Sanding Processing Technique of Centrifugal Fan

Stainless steel centrifugal fans have the characteristics of high-temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, and centrifugal blower are most often used in industrial machinery, high temperature ovens, food drying, petroleum and other fields. The surface treatment of the stainless steel fan must go through a sanding process.

Here's pictures for comparison of stainless steel centrifugal fan before and after sanding.

The small stainless steel industrial centrifugal fan has a light structure, beautiful appearance, low noise and high static pressure.

This product is suitable for supporting industrial machinery and equipment, small space extraction and exhaust, spray pressurization, thermal circulation system, high-temperature air supply (more than 200 degrees, equipped with temperature resistant wind wheel), corrosion resistance, air conditioning purification equipment, etc. Can use stainless steel, PP, ordinary A3 spraying, and other materials.

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