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Unpowered Fans are widely used in various fields

In recent years, with the continuous development of economy and technology, unpowered fans(also named turbine ventilator)have been gradually applied in various fields, such as factories, workshops, farms, etc., and even many family houses have installed this ventilation artifact. With the development of technology, the call for energy conservation and environmental protection is getting stronger and stronger, and the field of application of unpowered wind turbines will become wider and wider in the future.

 In some large factories and workshops, due to the closed space environment and long-term worker work, the entire plant will be hot, condensed and hot. In particular, some color steel plate constructions have poor heat dissipation conditions and abnormal summer heat, resulting in low work efficiency and declining product quality. Many industries, due to the special nature of production, cause air pollution in the factory, not only the environmental quality is low, but in the long run, the health of employees must be hurt. However, the installation of a non-powered roof fan can eliminate indoor hot air and smoke, and improve the ventilation and ventilation effect of the workshop. Effectively improve indoor air quality, provide a comfortable working environment, improve work efficiency, and effectively protect employee health.

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