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What is the Standard Grade of Balance Testing on-site of Centrifugal Fan?

The grade of dynamic balanced standard depend on not the impeller diameter,it's up to the weight and rotating speed of centrifugal fan.So it’s not all centrifugal fans have same standard level of balance,we will distinguish different balance level based on the speed of centrifugal fan or axial fan and its own quality.

The accuracy for dynamic balanced level of the centrifugal fan is grade of G0.4,G1.0,G2.5 or G6.3. The vibration value generally refers to RMS(Root Mean Square) value of vibration velocity, which means the square root of the average value after the square of the instantaneous value of the vibration velocity within a vibration cycle.

The unit is mm/s. The greater the vibration, the greater the value will be.

Generally, the maximum value of fan vibration value with rigid support is limited to 4.6mm/s.

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