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RSL type three-leaf Roots blower
1. The blower impeller is a three-blade linear type. The rotor adopts a special shape to facilitate the mutual clearance between the rotors, and the sealing performance and efficiency are further improved.
2. Using precision CNC machine tools and taking perfect measures for precision management, the rotor is strictly verified to ensure smooth operation.
3. The gear is made of special steel and properly quenched and manufactured in strict accordance with high precision gear grinding.
4. The roots blower is widely used in light industry, chemical industry, textile, metallurgy, electric power, mine, fertilizer, oil, gas station, port, aquaculture, sewage treatment, heavy oil, gas injection, pneumatic conveying and other national economic sectors.
5. The roots blower is a horizontal structure, which has two kinds of pulley drive and coupling drive. The direction of the intake and exhaust ports adopts the upper and lower rows.

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