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Axial Type Ventilator


MTX-C model is general ventilation axial fans. When the outer diameter of two impellers is equal: the larger the number(30,35,40), the hub diameter is larger, that means the blade is shorter. When the speed and power are equal, the smaller the air volume, the air pressure is bigger. These 2 models can be made with adjustable aluminum blades, customized color and appearance. 
If customers don’t have material requirements on fan housing and blades, our standard material is carbon steel. 
It’s mainly for the general factory, warehouse, office, residential and other environment, ventilation or heat to enhance Heat dissipation. They can also be installed in a longer exhaust pipe interval in order to improve the wind pressure in the pipeline if removing chassis. 

View more details of this series blower,kindly please contact us to get latest catalog.

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