Spray Cannon/Mist Cannon



Using Air supply remote-controlled fog cannon to spray disinfectant to in residential areas /hospital/school and other area hit by coronavirus.

These dust suppression cannon are also widely used in building sites for humidification, cooling, dust reduction, forest protection, urban garden greening, roads and other tall trees spraying to prevent diseases and insect pests; 
urban streets, stations and docks, schools and airports, public places, garbage sites, sanitation and 
epidemic spraying and sterilization Disinfection, dust removal and cooling.


From 2.2kw to 110kw, spray distance from 26m to 200m, four types of this spray fan can be selected: automatic remote control type, fully automatic without remote control, semi-automatic without remote control, simple fixed type can be rotated around 90 degrees.

1. Fully automatic remote control: up and down electric pitch, 320 degrees left and right electric rotation, remote control / button dual mode control.

2. Fully automatic (no remote control): up and down electric pitch, 320 degrees left and right electric rotation, button control.

3. Semi-automatic type fog cannon (without remote control), manual tilting up and down, 320 degree left and right electric rotation, button control.

4. Simple fixed type: 90 degrees left and right rotation, can not tilt up and down, no remote control, button control.

​Driven Type: Direct driven

View more details of this series fog cannon,kindly please contact us to get latest catalog.

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