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Metro/Rail/Subway Ventilation Fan



Our large axial fans are specially designed for the use in metro and subway ventilation.
They are able to push fresh air into the system or suck the smoke in emergency ventilation out
of contaminated areas.


SPF series axial flow fan adopts the latest international aerospace aerodynamic design technology and adopts international advanced processing equipment to ensure the excellent performance of the product. Such a fan is provided with an anti-surge device, which effectively avoids the surge phenomenon that may occur install operation when the fan is operated under non-design conditions or when multiple fans are installed in parallel, and there is no need to install a surge alarm device.

The casing is formed from the Q235 steel sheet to stainless steel SS316 or 304 with integral supports.
The grey/red/white/orange paint finish is applied after production, optional hot-dip galvanization,
furnace paint or epoxy paint is available. On fan casing there is Aerodynmical Inlet

View more details of this series blower, kindly please contact us to get the latest catalog.

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