Tunnel Axial Flow Fan


The TDJ series low-noise tunnel fan is a dynamic and tunable two-stage impeller counter-rotating. Two special impellers equipped with imported SKF Swedish bearings directly drive two different impellers.

The TDJ series low-noise tunnel axial flow fan is also movable and can calibrate for single-pole impeller rotation.

A single-stage impeller directly drive by an individual motor equipped with imported SKF Swedish bearings.

Tunnel construction ventilators widely apply in railway tunnels, water conservancy construction projects of a highway tunnel, ventilation, ventilation equipment for mines, power stations, and other underground construction projects.

As the tunneling depth increases, different fan performances obtained by adjusting the blade mounting angle, and the flow pressure is gradually increased, thereby reducing the operating cost of the fan. The fan is allowed to run in reverse wind, but the impeller must start after the impeller is completely stationary.

The conveying medium is air, the dust content is <150mg/m3, the working temperature is -20~40°C, and the relative humidity is <95%.
For the construction requirements of explosion-proof engineering, the fan is designed and manufactured according to the needs of explosion-proof technical conditions, and the explosion-proof standard dI.

This series of wind tunnel fan has a wide adaptability and long service life, and is an ideal replacement for ventilation equipment in tunnels, mines, and related engineering fields.

The matching ventilation hose adopts high-strength cross-feeding industrial back-feeding. The maximum tensile strength of the material can reach 3000N/5cm2. It has the features of waterproof, flame retardant, anti-static, heat-resistant and cold-resistant, anti-aging, anti-mildew, and the friction resistance coefficient is lower than 0.015, under right construction management conditions, the average leak rate of 100 meters is between 1% and 1.3%.

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