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Tunnel Ventilation Fan

Two-stage counter-rotating single-speed fan 


DSF series of special axial fan for tunnel construction is one of the products developed and produced by Boxing Motexo Industries Co., Ltd. It is mainly used for ventilation of tunnel construction such as railway, power, hydropower, subway and civil air defense. This series of fans has the characteristics of low noise, high efficiency, low energy consumption, long air supply distance and remarkable energy saving effect.

DSF series of two-stage counter-rotating single-speed series tunnel fans is mainly used for medium and small tunnels and medium and large construction ventilation. The design of the fans uses dual motors. The relative rotation of the primary and secondary impellers allows the fan to generate a large amount of air and a high wind pressure, providing long-term and reasonable fresh air for the tunnel. The blades are designed with a twisted airfoil to make the fan more efficient.

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