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Customer Case-Double Suction Blower Installing Site

Heavy duty Centrifugal fan blower customer case—

Features of Double suction blower:

The double suction centrifugal fan impeller includes two front discs and one middle disc, and impeller blades are welded between the front disc and the middle disc. Double inlet air: that is to say, there are two air inlets for the fan. There are two air inlets, a double impeller structure and an air outlet.

Heavy duty Centrifugal fan blower customer case—Double suction blower site—Motexo Fans

The double-sided air intake fan must have a shaft that passes through the impeller. The shaft must be supported on the bearing housing on both sides, which has an effect on the air inlet. Due to the double inlet structure, a large amount of air can be obtained. B. The air flows into the double suction impeller from both sides of the impeller. The bearing loads on both sides are the same, and the axial force on the impeller can be basically eliminated. The wear of the two bearings is basically the same. C. Double suction centrifugal fan adopts double support structure, which has high operation reliability, safety and stability. Since there are two air inlets, it is usually made into a wind chassis or a machine room to wrap the entire fan. From the aspects of structural characteristics: Because of the structural reasons, the double-suction centrifugal fan is mostly used in large air volume clean gas, and is commonly used in air conditioning systems.

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