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Introduction to the Solution to the Rust Phenomenon of Emergency Smoke Exhaust Axial Fan

In the construction of processing plants, warehouses, offices and other projects, the natural ventilation of the building is the key factors. At this time, the fire-fighting high-temperature smoke exhaust axial fan plays a key role in the whole ventilation system.

Smoke exhaust axial fans are widely used for exhaust flammable, flammable, explosive, and non-corrosive gases.

The axial fan may appear rusty after the long operation time of the fire-fighting high-temperature smoke exhaust axial flow fan, Today I want to share with you how to remove the rust:

  • Surface treatment.The dirt and rust layer on the surface of the original steel plate need to be removed by manual.

  • Coated with special anti-corrosion paint, which can be divided into primer and finish coating according to its protective function. The combination of these layers forms a composite coating to improve the anti-corrosion performance and prolongs the service life.

  • Primer: The paint used in the primer layer is epoxy iron red primer to resist the rust. Iron red oxide is a physical anti-rust pigment with the features of strong hiding power and small particles.

  • Topcoat(surface coating): epoxy paint is used for the topcoat. After chemical curing, the epoxy coating has stable chemical properties, dense coating and strong adhesion.

  • For maximizing the isolation of the fan from the corrosive environment, other surface treatment methods such as flanges, galvanizing, chrome plating, and chemical plating are often used.

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