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Centrifugal Compressor in Natural Gas Industry

As important energy resources, oil and natural gas are currently being used more and more widely in various industries. Only when the important role of compressors in the petrochemical industry is fully considered, the surge problem of centrifugal compressors can be analyzed. The reasons and solutions can contribute to the safe and stable operation of petrochemical plants.

The centrifugal compressor drives the gas movement through the impeller, increases the kinetic energy of the gas, converts the kinetic energy of the gas part into pressure energy, and increases the gas pressure. Its advantages are large single-stage flow, high pressure ratio and good gas medium sealing. Because of the high correlation between pressure and flow rate of centrifugal compressor, the stable operation range is narrow, and surge is prone to occur. In order to ensure the safe and stable operation of centrifugal compressor under the technological requirements, surge must be controlled. By measuring the performance curve of the compressor on site, an anti-surge curve matching the actual operation can be obtained under certain conditions. The unit under the control of the anti-surge system should be the safest and most economical.

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